Low water pressure is generally described as annoying or irritable, but it can be a genuine roadblock in your day. When going to take a shower, the soap becomes more difficult to rinse out of your hair. Similarly, trying to just rinse away the syrup on your breakfast plate simply won't work—at least, not without wasting water and time. Speaking of time, your clothes might just need some extra as well since the washer isn't filling quite like it used to. While this frustrating position does have a fair amount of potential causes, there is just as much information on how to find those and even a few home solutions to try.

If you find that the low pressure is only occurring in one fixture, that may actually be cause for some celebration. In faucets, this is usually an indication of a clogged aerator. Simply unscrew the nozzle and look for any signs of build up.

Even if that does appear to be the case, be sure to turn on the faucet with the aerator removed to ensure that you have found the problem. If the pressure still appears to be low, it may instead be a clogged pipe. If it is simply the aerator, however, it can be cleaned by soaking the part in a vinegar-water solution. Should you still have trouble at that point, an inexpensive replacement will do the trick.

Showerheads may have a similar issue with a clogged nozzle. This can also be cleaned out with the same vinegar-water solution. If that does not clear up the problem, however, a new showerhead may be in order.

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